Why Rent Vs Buy

When it comes to financially a lot of people are not aware that people even with an absurd amount of money do not buy very high end stuff, for example a lot of people think that rich people drive Lamborghini’s, Ferraris and more prestigious cars there are to offer please understand that some do and most can do without

one great example is a Saudi Prince who drives a Corolla he makes millions every year from his oil fields but yet doesn’t care about showing it off

Warren buffet lives in the same house, drives a beat up suburban that he got off an auction since it was cheaper since it had hail damage

There is a secret that a lot of the rich never show to the real world and that is they don’t care about showing off there wealth they just want to be left alone in there average 300k home

that is a question that I don’t understand yet why do people with this much money spend so little of it and what do they do with it when they do spend it?

the thing is they do spend the money but they live very frugally incase anything were to happen to there businesses or stocks they will be complete covered with years of buffer

but that still did not answer the question to why they don’t spend all the money and live to the max

the truth is because they are more focused on how they can be free vs how they can live the life of luxury

the thing is when you buy a fancy car along with it comes a fancy price tag on gas, maintenance and the depreciation as well, and a big home even though it is worth the investment since it can be sold for the same price or more any time in the future is not worth the hassle or the monthly expense to put up with the yard, heating bill, electricity, since it is a bigger home and it will take more out of your pocket on a monthly

the problem is most of the millionaires and billionaires have been there and have experienced this for them selves and understand the hassle and the heart ache, seriously why pay thousands for bills each month when you can use that money to buy yourself some plan tickets to Costa Rica and enjoy the sun there and the culture and explore vs having a big home, they understand that living with less is giving them more options, and freedom is what they want not a big house that will tie them down, they want to enjoy life and not dread every week to mow the lawn…

there is a price to pay at the end of the day for living in the life of luxury, they all know that this price is way to high at times and that is why they stay clear away from luxury and live the life they want with freedom and enough comfort that they may enjoy the time freedom and life of there own with there family and close friends

With that said a close friend asked if it was a good Idea to buy a certain sports car that was worth 70k I said it would be better if you would go out and rent if for a weekend and get it out of your system because cars do not hold there value, they put the biggest hole in your pocket and the whole gets bigger over time since you loose money without knowing too, for example he wanted to buy that car new and I told him it was not worth it since you would drive that car off the lot and boom you lost 2-5k just like that so it was much cheaper to go and rent that sports car for a weekend enjoy it then give it back since you are not loosing much, you don’t need to take care of it, don’t need that whole in your pocket,

so you get he benefit of using that car without owning it

and even if the price to rent it is super high it does not compare to how much you would lose in the coming years after newer models come out

So if you would like to get it out do is by renting that can be anything from a nice boat, yacht, super car ext, get it out

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