Ranking your Local Business Using Blogging

Many local businesses do not see the value of blogging so today what I will prove to you why that they must blog in order to rank and it does not exactly have to be good content

The site we will be using as an example is www.everettcarpetcare.com they are one of the company’s that know that blogging will help there business as to some of there competitors that are not as smart as they are faced with the consequences of using the internet to leverage client generation techniques.


So how does blogging add value to your local business in any way?

well first let me tell you why this is a anchor text pointed to everett carpet care and this site just passed juice to them and therefore they will rank a bit higher in google due to the fact that I just pointed a link to there carpet cleaning website and that is just one of the many response they will rank now

carpet cleaning there is another good example of an anchor text

So how does blogging have to do anything with ranking a carpet cleaning site?

well you have to produce content in order to point links to web sites and then add or pass juice to them and you have to add some sort of value to your website in order to do so, if you just pump out a bunch of gibberish the site is not going to pass that juice to that site, but thats not my problem…

so back to rankings once the juice is passed the site will rank a bit higher in google and simply becuase this site pointed a link to there site.

simple as that.

Now the complex part?

why does google value one persons blog more important than the other?

well its simple because someone else pointed a lot of links to that blog look at wiki as an example its boss at content look at the way it is the center of everything, what I mean by that is when people say I read in wiki the other day or use wiki as a resources or citation they are automatically assumed to be correct why because wiki is the hub for all info.

But even though they can be edited meaning all the information is always being challenged with citations and sources.

Make sense great…

so my point is that businesses can all prosper with the blogging opportunity’s that has been presented to it.

so go and do some blogging for your local company or business and watch your ranking improve and your client and business start to increase and leading to greater business and you growing your company

great news for local business owners, becuase they can take more vacations and enjoy the time off because there business starts to increase due to blogging

so enjoy this new tactic and hope it helps your rank and get more cleints to your website

by and thank you for reading :)